Hubspot CRM & Sales Automation

Once your marketing efforts begin to generate leads you will need a platform for your SDR / account manager to work with.  Modern Marketing & Sales automation platforms are the most effective tool to manage your incoming lead flow and help convert it into paying customers. 


One of the leading marketing, sales (and service) automation platforms is Hubspot - a SaaS platform that offers one of the best value for money packages for SOHO/start-ups/small companies.

MoonShot is an official provider of  Hubspot  in Israel (see here)

Early implementation of sales automation platform provides significant value:

  • All sales information in a single repository – all incoming inquiries and leads from all the channels flow to one place where it is enriched, managed, and prioritized. Everything is stored and never lost. Sales teams are freed from the administration of lists and information.

  • Better communication - communication with prospects and customers is easy - you can track calls, emails, meetings and notes in a single location, connected to your customer record.

  • Activity automation saves time -  Sales automation platform offers an automated marketing activities such as newsletters, emails and content distribution to marketing channels

  • Monitoring and analytical capabilities -  to better understand your prospects & their interests

  • If you can measure it, you can manage it - Enhanced visibility of the whole sales process: deal stages, ownership, territories, products, etc.

  • Management dashboards - Advanced yet user-friendly dashboards and reports for team members and management to assess progress, revenue forecast & pipeline, CAC. All are automatically portrayed with a click of a button.